Dr. Carla D. Brailey

With a B.S. in Criminal Justice from Texas State University, a M.A. in Counseling Psychology, a Master of Divinity in Religious Studies, a Ph.D. in sociology from Howard University and a Certificate in Women Studies, it’s no wonder Dr. Carla D. Brailey has racked up accolades and awards during her professional career—from TSU Presidential Culture Award to Student of the Month.

Dr. Brailey is currently Associate Professor of Sociology, and Faculty and Senior Fellow at the Barbara Jordan Institute of Policy Analysis in the Department of Sociology, College of Liberal Arts and Behavioral Sciences at Texas Southern University. However, her journey began when she taught in middle and high school. “My journey in educational leadership evolved from my dedication and self-awareness to embrace the educational process in its entirety from the classroom to administrative services. After I taught both middle and high school students for a few years and served as the executive director of the Children Bettering America School of Arts, I knew I was capable, competent, and courageous enough to lead student, teachers, and parents. This part of my journey with good mentorship, led to my first leadership role in becoming one of the first assistant principals at the Harmony Science Academy in Houston, Texas.”

In addition to education, Dr. Brailey believes in public service. “I have always been dedicated to exposing students and the general population to government and politics. Thus, wherever I reside, I quickly get involved in local community efforts. Eventually, I completed my doctorate degree and decided to formally serve the community through a professional career in public service. I received several Mayoral cabinet appointments as the Director of Boards and Commissions, Senior Religious Affairs Advisor, and Executive Director of Community Affairs for the District of Columbia from former Mayor Adrian Fenty.”

Dr. Brailey has served as Co-chair on Mayor Sylvester Turner Police Reform Taskforce, Board Chair at Imani School, Board Chair at Sankofa Research Institute, Vice Chair of the Texas Democratic Party, Interfaith Council Co-chair for the Democratic National Committee.

“My current leadership roles are outside of the academy and align with my commitment to public service and civic engagement,” explained Dr. Bailey. “Over the years, I have remained very active in working with grassroot and community organizations and their leaders to engage constituents around issues related to civil rights, voting rights, women’s rights, and education and economic inequality. My professional skills as an educator and public servant leader have made room for me to lead in various capacities, in both educational and government sectors. Most of all, I have had remarkable mentors and training along the way to give me the added push to lead with vision and purpose to bring forth social change.”

The following is the extensive list of Dr. Brailey’s awards, acknowledgements, and publications:

  • Presidential Culture Award. Office of the President, Texas Southern University. April 2019.
  • 2019 Visionary Woman of Houston. Houston Defender, March 27, 2019.
  • Certificate of Appreciation. TSU Online Learning Summit. Texas Southern University. Dr. Chantell Link, Assistant Provost, Academic & Executive Director of TSU Online. February 27, 2019.
  • Certificate of Congressional Recognition. 2019 “Top 50 Professional & Entrepreneurs of Texas” Award”. Sheila Jackson Lee, Member of Congress, February 28, 2019.
  • Certificate of Appreciation. 2019 Pillar of the Community. HFT Union Hall. February 21, 2019.
  • Certificate of Special Congressional Recognition of Outstanding and Invaluable Service to the Community. Al Green, Member of Congress, February 19, 2019.
  • Certificate of State Representative Dr. Alma Allen Recognition. “Pillar of the Community: 2019 Black History Celebration”. Alma Allen, Member of Texas State Representative, February 16, 2019.
  • 2018 Role Model for Women in the Fast Lane. The Greater Houston Women’s Chamber of Commerce (GHWCC), September 20, 2018.
  • Certificate of Congressional Recognition. “Second Annual Event: Honoring & Celebrating Barbara Jordan’s Birthday & Her Legacy at Work”. Sheila Jackson Lee, Member of Congress, February 21, 2018.
  • Certificate of Congressional Recognition. “Through Woman Power We Rise” presented by the Community of Faith Church. Sheila Jackson Lee, Member of Congress, February 18, 2018.
  • “Resolution for important scholarly and civic endeavors”. The State of Texas. Shawn Thierry, State Representative District 146, February 18, 2018.
  • 2015 Top Investment Award. 2015 Faculty & Staff Annual Fund Campaign. College of Liberal Arts & Behavioral Sciences, Texas Southern University.
  • Candidate for Teacher of the Year 100 Black Men, Collegiate Chapter, Texas Southern University Campus, April 2012.
  • Second Place. Brailey, Carla and Kimberly Montgomery. “Exploitation or Opportunity? An Analysis of the Graduation Rates of Female Student-Athletes at Historically Black Colleges and Universities.” 2004 Graduate Research Symposium. Doctoral Social Science Division. Howard University, Washington, D.C. April 13, 2004.
  • Student of the Month. “The Griot.” Association of Black Sociologists (ABS) Newsletter. June 2005.

Brailey, Carla (In Press). Black Perspectives in Sociology: From Then to Now. Cognella Publishing.

Slatton, Brittany & Carla Brailey (June 2019). Women and Inequality in the 21st Century – A Gender Anthology, ed. New York: Routledge.

Brailey, Carla and Brittany Slatton (June 2019) “Women, Work, and Inequality in the U.S.: Revisiting the “Second Shift”. Journal of Sociology and Social Work. 7, no. 1, 29-35.

Brailey, Carla. (April 2009) “A Sociological and Theological Response to the Author of Between Sundays.” The Journal of Religious Thought 59, no. 1 & 2, 60, 1.

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