About Texas Women in Higher Education


Texas Women in Higher Education (TWHE) is a Texas non-profit corporation dedicated to developing, advancing and supporting women employed at colleges and universities across the state.

TWHE is the American Council on Education (ACE) Women’s Network state organization for Texas. The ACE Women’s Network is a national system of networks within each state that works to advance and support women in higher education. Each state network is led by a state coordinator who works with institutional representatives and presidential sponsors to develop programs that identify, develop, encourage, advance, link, and support women in higher education careers. The TWHE Board chairwoman serves as the state coordinator for Texas.

TWHE is committed to providing its members with the skills needed to reach leadership positions and to enhancing the leadership skills of those already in such roles.

Texas Women in Higher Education’s vision, mission and strategic priorities support this purpose.




Texas Women in Higher Education transforms higher education leadership in Texas and beyond.





Texas Women in Higher Education advances women who hold or aspire to leadership roles in higher education.



Strategic Priorities (adopted 2015)



    • Improve our effectiveness at achieving our vision and mission


    • Provide professional development, networking, and advocacy for women holding or aspiring to leadership positions in higher education


    • Empower women to take advantage of opportunities for advancement and professional growth


    • Promote women’s involvement in local, state, and national leadership development opportunities


    • Recognize women leaders and celebrate their contributions to higher education


    • Engage leaders in supporting the mission and strategic priorities of TWHE